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#SunshineisForever Releases August 29, 2017 via Inkshares

“For any kid who thinks no one else gets it, this is the book you want. Hunter and Corin are two kids simultaneously leading each other to the edge and pulling each other back. Friendship, defiance, dark humor—all the tools of survival and escape are in Kyle T. Cowan’s novel. Sunshine is Forever wryly shows that happiness isn’t just in the bright spots. It’s there to be found in the midst of hard times, too.”

- Anthony Breznican, author of Brutal Youth

“Kyle T. Cowan’s Sunshine is Forever bravely reveals the story we must all hear, but are all too often afraid to tell: the human experience. Using humor and pain, Cowan bares the emotional essence of his writing with such honestly, that we are moved to self revelation in the end.”

- Lew Temple, actor in The Walking Dead

Sunshine is Forever is surprisingly relatable. Keeps you on the edge of your seat! Very suspenseful.” 

- Amber Portwood, author of Never Too Late, reality star of Teen Mom OG

“Savagely entertaining. It’s The Bell Jar meets Chuck Palahniuk—Cowan tackles teen angst with his own unforgettable brand of dark humor.”

- Helena Echlin, author of Gone and co-author of Sparked

Now Days

“Kyle T. Cowan is the epitome of amazement…all I can say is that this (Camouflage) is something you should check out.” 


“A small, but passionate cast turns in performances that negate the limited locations. Camouflage is an example of smart execution in writing and acting to communicate a clear vision. Everything here is substance…As a film critic, this author has had plenty of opportunity to see small projects striving to tell a big story…Camouflage is perhaps the most ambitious of them all…If Cowan’s aim was to provoke thought and encourage discussion, he has a fine shot at achieving that here.”


“…it’s films like Camouflage that help bring topics to the forefront of the conversation through educated discussions…With a driven cast, an alluring soundtrack, and storyline…Camouflage vanquishes the preconceived audience limitations that are often in place, in regards to low-budget, independent films.”

- 303 Magazine



Featuring songs from Jimmy Bennett and Dan Dunne. Music composed and produced by Jordan Meltzer.


Kyle T. Cowan is represented for acting by Lynette O’Connor at the O'Agency in New Mexico. You can request him for work at (505) 344-3149.

Kyle T. Cowan is represented for writing by Jennifer March Soloway at Andrea Brown Literary Agency. You can contact her at

Artist Statement - Kyle T. Cowan

To preserve humanity through a unique imagination; to create new personas through an understanding of others and myself; to help better mankind by inspiring others to do well, take risks, and always to have a goal; as an Actor/Writer/Director my goal is to strive to create characters that are unlike any other and craft stories that stand the course of time.

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