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“Kyle T. Cowan is the epitome of amazement…all I can say is that this (Camouflage) is something you should check out.” 

- TVGrapevine.com

“A small, but passionate cast turns in performances that negate the limited locations. Camouflage is an example of smart execution in writing and acting to communicate a clear vision. Everything here is substance…As a film critic, this author has had plenty of opportunity to see small projects striving to tell a big story…Camouflage is perhaps the most ambitious of them all…If Cowan’s aim was to provoke thought and encourage discussion, he has a fine shot at achieving that here.”

- Examiner.com

“…it’s films like Camouflage that help bring topics to the forefront of the conversation through educated discussions…With a driven cast, an alluring soundtrack, and storyline…Camouflage vanquishes the preconceived audience limitations that are often in place, in regards to low-budget, independent films.”

- 303 Magazine



Featuring songs from Jimmy Bennett and Dan Dunne. Music composed and produced by Jordan Meltzer.



Kyle T. Cowan is represented by Carissa Mitchell at the Mitchell & Presley Talent Group in New Mexico and Los Angeles. You can request him to work at (818) 856-0355.

Artist Statement - Kyle T. Cowan

To preserve humanity through a unique imagination; to create new personas through an understanding of others and myself; to help better mankind by inspiring others to do well, take risks, and always to have a goal; as an Actor/Writer/Director my goal is to strive to create characters that are unlike any other and craft stories that stand the course of time.

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